- Sometimes I wonder if there’s a meaning to it… - A meaning? - A purpose? Any reason behind it all? Does it lead anywhere? - The “meaning”... you need to find your own. Maybe even come up with one. Make one for yourself. - I don’t know if I can… Sigh, I don’t even think I’m ready yet… - No one’s ready. After all, it’s everyone’s first time. - First time what? - Living.

Lia is a young girl at a turning point of her life. Overwhelmed by boredom and monotony (who couldn’t relate?) suddenly notices a change. Can she adapt to the new reality? Is there, after all, a meaning to her existence?

That's the idea behind
Lead Lia on the journey through the most important moments of her life - ones that can change her forever.
Find out who you are and what’s your actual role.
Your decisions have an impact on Lia’s life - it’s up to you, what might happen to her. Uncover the paths and secrets. Reveal the outcome of your own choices.